Business Policy
Customer Relationship
GBLC believes that a true win-win relationship is possible between businesses only in the long-term. Customer relationship is at the core of the GBLC business philosophy.
Quality Policy
GBLC Quality Policy - Deliver committed quality and consistently. Apart from Quality Management, GBLC also implements the continuous improvement concept, Kaizen, to its operations. Every opportunity for improvement such as feedback, retrospection and review are used for improvement of operations.
Confidentiality of Information
GBLC understands that customer documents contain important information that impact customer business. The GBLC Information Security process helps to maintain confidentiality of customer documentary assets in GBLC's possession. GBLC enters into NDAs with customers to implement information security.
Secrecy of Information
GBLC will maintain secrecy of customer information where necessary. Customer information is shared with only those people in GBLC Senior Management on a "need-to-know" basis and masked from all others.